Berita Bola Surviving Old Sturridge Liverpool Hope

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Failure at Manchester City and Chelsea have become the past for Daniel Sturridge. Now he is ready to turn a new page with Liverpool. 23-year-old is hoping togetherness with the Reds can last a long time.

Four years with the Blues did not give satisfaction for the 23-year-old man. There are many opportunities given at Stamford Bridge. In fact he had loaned the club owned by Roman Abramovich to Bolton Wanderers in the season 2010/2011.

Sturridge‘s career did not last long at Chelsea. In the winter transfer market in January 2013 he finally decided to move and joined Liverpool for a fee of 14 million euros.

“Hopefully I can settle in Liverpool for many years to come. I have no worries and pressure here,” said Sturridge.

“Liverpool is a club with great history.‘s Team is the only one that is comparable to Manchester United. You will realize how big this club when you‘ve actually been here,” said Sturridge.