Berita Bola Sturridge Amazed By Liverpudlian

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  Berita Bola Sturridge Amazed By Liverpudlian

LIVERPOOL Each club must have their supporters, as well as the Liverpudliantermfamous Liverpool fans loyalty and passion that deserves thumbs up.

The presence of the Liverpudlian when Merseyside teams competing moral support would be a pleasure for the players. As well as the perceived new Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge.

Although not long status as a Liverpool player, Sturridge can already feel how the roles are so incredible fans in support of every Liverpool competed. In fact, this 23-year player called Liverpool fans are the best fans in the UK.

“They (Liverpudlian) are the best supporters in England. It was not because I feel this time I played for Liverpool, before I joined and against Liverpool, it was how I felt. The proximity of the fans to the players here are very well established, Sturridge story, as reported by the Inside Futbol, Tuesday (05/02/2013).

Very different from the other teams supporters. Every time I hear ‘you’ll never walk alone, it’s like giving my own strength in me. I am happy at Liverpool, and I want to thank the coaches who have given me this opportunity, “he added.