Berita Bola Steve Clark Comeback Praised The Anfield Gank

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  Berita Bola steve clark comeback praised the anfield gank

Liverpool – Steve Clarke will return to Anfield for the first time to accompany West Bromwich against Liverpool on Tuesday (12/2) pm dawn. Coming to duel with his former team, Clarke sent a compliment.

Clake sacked as assistant manager of Liverpool as the dismissal of Kenny Dalglish as manager of the team in the summer. But it did not take long for Clarke to get a new job with a manager of West Brom.

British man 49 years was judged that the Reds will take a long time to get back to the golden age. Even so, Clarke assess Liverpool will be hard to beat because playing is one of the best in the Premier League.

As you can tell them in (Liverpool) is not a good team because they are no longer in the Big Four,” Clarke was quoted as saying the value of The Sun.

“But you can not say they are not a great club as they did so. Nobody in football think so because you are in a club heat, you‘ll be a great team – you have to work hard for it.”

“I was not surpris\ed by the nice appearance of the players, some of whom were recruited more experienced than Kenny. But you can see the team start compact and play the way you want Brendan (Rodgers). Suarez is comfortable now and (Stewart) Downing, (Jordan) Henderson and (Jose) Enrique in the team.

“Right now, Liverpool may be playing the best football in the Premier League,” said Clarke.

Facing Liverpool, The Baggies were in bad trend with a win in the last six. While the opposite camp, in the last six game’
es ending two wins, two losses and two draws.