Berita Bola Starting From Fad, To Appreciation Of The Work Of Dian Liverpool

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Hasil Karya Dian Qamajaya yang Dijadikan Wallpaper Utama Fan Page Liverpool FC  Berita Bola Starting from fad, to appreciation of the work of Dian Liverpool

Dian Qamajaya, maybe most of you are wondering who this young figure. Not a football player, let alone a player coach, but he is one of the supporters of the British soccer club, Liverpool.
Generally, a fan or a supporter of a football club only provides support through team yells. But not the case with Dian. Youth who live in Yogyakarta give suport to his favorite club through its expertise in the field of graphic design.
From the graphic design work of skilled hands, he likes to edit photos and post his favorite players gambat mentioned his twitter account. Starting from just a spare time activity, actually appreciated his astonishing.
How not, the work of the youth who majored in during college Broadcasting is getting a positive response not only from fellow Liverpool fans in Indonesia, but from Bangladesh, France, India, Brazil contributed to appreciation.
“At first, just for fun in your spare time while at the office, so I do my hobby through editing photographs Liverpool player. But when he saw his fellow comrades response Liverpool fans around the world, it was like a dream, “he told Okezone, Thursday (07/02/2013).
Youth @ dianqamajaya account owner, admits starting fond of the design field since 2007 when entering the second semester of college and began his post last year.
His most recent work, he painted a sketch drawing to commemorate the tragedy of “Munich Air Disaster” experienced rival clubs are known as his favorite club, Manchester United.
Even the results of the nation’s children also participated viewed by club officials and helped respond positively. Not only that, in fact, the image is loaded some British media to fill their news columns. It certainly made him very proud.
One thing is now he should be proud of is the work of a photograph of the retainer Liverpool are now installed as the main wallpaper Liverpool official facebook account. Although the results of this skill has been used by his favorite club, Dian said he did not expect a reward in the form of matter.
“No mas, I do not expect material from my work, let alone to ask for some money to the club. Appreciation of Liverpool alone makes me very happy, “said Dian.
According to his explanation, the cooperation so far, will continue unabated. “I’ll plan and Liverpool will continue to work together even though not sure what the next plan,” he said.