Berita Bola Reina Admits Surprised By Decision Valdes

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 Berita Bola Reina Admits Surprised by Decision Valdes

LIVERPOOL The decision Víctor Valdés who choose not to sign a contract extension and want a new experience, it’s a surprising number of parties, including compatriot, Pepe Reina.

Liverpool goalkeeper 31-year-old admitted he was surprised when it said it wanted to expand his career Valdés at the new club. Name Reina was loudly echoed gossip sources to be a successor under the crossbar Barcelona Valdés.

“I was surprised because Víctor play with the best teams in the world. I know Barcelona as the best team I have ever worked his way up there, “said Reina, as reported BelfastTelegraph, Wednesday (02/06/2013).

For the issue of transfer, Reina did not want to say the wrong thing. It said since the start of his professional career, Reina always tried to gaji the contract that binds him with anyone. Currently, Reina is still under contract until 2016 and claimed to be still maintained its commitment to contract completion.

“When I agreed to a contract, I used to stick to it and I was tied with Liverpool until 2016,” complete player who was also a good friend of David Villa, Fernando Torres and Maxi Rodríguez it.