Berita Bola Premier League Players Wages Agrees Restrictions & Loss Club

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  Mayoritas klub Premier League menyepakati untuk membatasi jumlah pengeluaran honor pemain  Berita Bola Premier League Players Wages Agrees Restrictions & Loss Club

The majority of Premier League clubs agreed to limit the number of players and salary spending limit losses from 2013/2014. Violation of this rule leads to a reduction in points.
Related restrictions on the amount of salary players, the rules are made only binding on the club’s wage bill by more than 52 million pounds (about USD 787.3 billion) in the season 2013/2014.
If a club has been touched, then the following season (2014/2015) the amount of expenditures for salaries only allowed to amount to 56 million pounds. While in the later period (2015/2016) the amount of expenditure for maximum player salary is 58 million pounds.
While the matter of the maximum amount of losses that may be suffered by each club, for the period 2013 to 2016 the number was 105 million pounds ($ 1.5 trillion). For the record, if the rule is applied, starting this season then Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool certainly have been violated.
The new rule Premier League is more lenient than the provisions about the UEFA Financial Fair Play. European football authorities require that the clubs that competed in the competition has a balance sheet of the balance between income and expenditure. However, the Premier League hopes the new rules could prevent the club from bankruptcy or debt trap in bulk, such as experienced by Portsmouth in 2010.
“The new owner or owners of existing ones, with a change in policy or a change (the rules) …. This wealth can invest the amount of money proportional to develop the club. But they will no longer poured hundreds of millions in a short period of time,” said Executive President of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, as quoted by Reuters.
“The clubs understand if they are over the limit of 105 million pounds, we will choose the toughest sanctions, a reduction in points. You can still build a great club with limited funding can be a challenge, but … rules only make the development team took over longer, and it’s not entirely a bad thing, “said Scudamore.
Manchester City player salary budget season reached Rp 3.046 trillion, the amount that can give them the Premier League title for the first time in 44 years. Since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan came to the City three years ago, the funds used to build the team has reached Rp 9.6 trillion.
While Chelsea spent Rp 2.6 trillion to pay their players last season. The number of successfully gave the Blues the Champions League title of the first in its history.
The decision to set restrictions on pay and damages the club through voting and not reached unanimously. But the Premier League stipulate provisions that a decision can be run most if not agreed by 14, out of a total of 20, the club exists.