Berita Bola Luis Suarez: Liverpool Is My Home

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  Berita Bola Luis Suarez: Liverpool Is My Home

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez expressed his desire to stay at Liverpool for a long time, because he was so at home in Liverpool and it felt like home.

Since arriving from Ajax in January, 2011, Suarez has collected 43 goals from 84 appearances. And this season he is the second most fertile striker in the Premier League with 17 goals.

“I hope to live long in Liverpool as this is a dream club,” Suarez said.

I am very proud to defend the club for Liverpool after deciding to move here. And I too have experienced the special moments that I will never forget as long as two years.

“There are tough times, but thanks to the support of family, the club, and the fans, I can easily deal with it.

“In Liverpool, I feel like at home. When I was out for a walk, I always get the support of the local community and it is very important to me. And I think people have to know me very well since I arrived at the club. Support like this makes me feel like at home.

“I look forward to helping this team as long as possible, because I want to be happy the club and the fans.