Berita Bola Lucas Leiva Sure Lunge Philippe Coutinho

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 Berita Bola Lucas Leiva Sure lunge Philippe Coutinho

Lucas Leiva believes, Philippe Coutinho will not find any difficulty during through his days at Anfield as Liverpool’s new members.

Coutinho is a compatriot Lucas, and the midfielder was certainly knows how to survive when he first played for Liverpool first.

Coutinho, who was 20 years old, the club transferred the care of Brendan Rodgers was a dowry of £ 8.5 million from FC Internazionale in the last January transfer window.

The manager spoke to me, and do not question his talent. Because he believes the talent he has,” said Lucas.

“I also spoke to him [Coutinho] several times, and not in order to persuade him, just tell how the image of the club, how things are going here. He just felt this is for a great opportunity to come to the Premier League and we are all delighted to be have in the squad.

Coutinho really very very talented player, with rich experience for someone so young,” said Lucas.