Berita Bola Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Glad Development

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  Berita Bola Liverpool's Luis Suarez Glad Development

Liverpool striker Luiz Suarez, said he was happy with the progress that has been shown The Red lately.

Had slumped down on the board with only collecting 11 points in 10 premiere party, The Anfield Gang slowly rose and now sits at number seven, nine points adrift of Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League last slot.

Even had tripped Oldham Athletic in the FA Cup, in the latest six-party Pool League defeat just once, the remaining three wins and two draws against strong teams Arsenal and Manchester City at the opponent.

“I am very satisfied and happy because Liverpool is growing,” he told Marca.

This is not the team it used to because it had declined. But now we have a new coach who has the philosophy of the game that makes the players very happy.

“The only thing lacking is that we have much to reap positive results so we can finish in the Champions League.

We’ve shown that we can compete with anyone, we have a chance to win most of the gamethe game.

When we were diving every game in the Premier League with the same intensity as we have shown in the game match, we could be in a higher position in the standings.