Berita Bola Liverpool Reluctant To Release Daniel Sturridge England National Team

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  Berita Bola Liverpool Reluctant to Release Daniel Sturridge England national team

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers felt reluctant to release striker Daniel Sturridge for England national team midweek.

As you know, the UK will play test matches against Brazil on February 7th early morning local time, but Liverpool will not sell Sturridge seems to defend the national team because the players are having problems on the thigh.

He got injured before the first round in his thigh. He wants to keep playing in the second half, but I think he’s doubtful with the national team in the middle of the week,” said Rodgers.

“It‘s unfortunate because he is amazing these days. His playing, movement, speed. He really became a threat. Combination with Suarez and Downing and Henderson on the front lines is remarkable.