Berita Bola John Barnes: Liverpool To Open Big Four

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 Berita Bola John Barnes: Liverpool To Open Big Four

Liverpool legend John Barnes evaluate the top four Premier League can still be reached by the Reds.
Barnes assessing third and fourth EPL open for several teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Everton.

“This is the Premier League. You look at Manchester United and Manchester City, regardless of the performance of City last few games, they are the two clubs that consistently,” said Barnes told LFC TV.

“Who will occupy the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh? You look at Chelsea, who suddenly decreased performance, and you talk about Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton and we [Liverpoool].

Are we very far from Tottenham? Would it surprise you if Tottenham lose next week? Chelsea is the same. Arsenal started to lose points. Exception of Manchester United, everything is so, because this is a tough league.

“I know the teams above us will drop points. You can not say the team played consistently in the top four so we did not have a chance. What we should do is keep winning.