Berita Bola Jamie Carragher Retirement With Disappointment

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  Berita Bola Jamie Carragher Retirement With Disappointment

Jamie Carragher admits there is less of achievements as a Liverpool player. Lack he meant no Premier League champions medal ever won since starting his career at Anfield 16 years ago.

“I look at my collection of medals won and there was a hole that was so visible,” said Carragher, Friday (8/2).

“I feel that hole will never be filled until the last time I wore this red jersey.

“Since I entered the age of 30 years, the pain never won the league ever increasing. Makes me furious because he can not get it.

“I am so attached to this dream, is hoping to bring the title to Anfield.

“I do not think we will win the championship in each season, but occasionally alone makes me happy.

“Winning the league has become an obsession and Liverpool supporters have the same ambition to be champions again, as a player you always pursue that opportunity.

“I often ask myself how I should look at my career if I can not win the competition.

And the standards that I set it, I realized I call it a failure,” regrets Carragher.