Berita Bola In Liverpool, Doni Admits Got Heart Failure

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  mengakui jantungnya sempat berhenti ketika menjalani tes medis di Liverpool Berita Bola In Liverpool, Doni Admits Got Heart Failure

Former Liverpool and AS Roma goalkeeper Alexander Doni, admitted his heart had stopped while undergoing a medical at Liverpool. In fact, Doni admitted nearly died.
Doni recently joined Botafogo at the end of the January transfer window yesterday, also revealed that he almost retired early at Liverpool because of the heart disease.
“At that time I was a medical test (pre-season Liverpool 2012), and I have heart failure,” said Doni.
“I was unconscious for 25 seconds, and almost died.”
“After that, I went to London for further treatment, which is normally the result of my heart. I was then flown to Rome, and meet one of the best doctors in Europe for treatment for six years. “
“After returning undergo medical tests, the doctor advised me to take a break for a few months.”
Doni also claimed to have received advice from a team of doctors to retire from football, and he also revealed how his illness affects his personal life.
“I feel really slumped for three months, I could not sleep. All footballers are experiencing is certainly aware of how it feels terrible, “Doni added.
“When you come back, it feels like I never slept for years. It really affects me psychologically. But a few months later, it was all over, and I have now returned to normal. “
“It is difficult to express this. These are the moments where you have to pause and think clearly. You have to think about the meaning of life more, then your family, your children, and you wanted to be close to your family. Then when you stop thinking, you will realize how important and precious life. “