Berita Bola Fabio Borini Rejects Fiorentina

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  Berita Bola Fabio Borini Rejects Fiorentina

It seems the desire to woo Fiorentina Fabio Borini will be difficult to materialize. The problem belongs to the Liverpool striker said he was still living at home at Anfield.

Under the command of coach Brendan Rodgers, Borini performing below standard. He is more familiar with the injury, then it led to speculation that if a player is 21 years and then returned home to Italy.

Even so, the agent of Borini insists, the club seems difficult transition potential realized.

“Honestly, I have received numerous contacts with anyone at Fiorentina,” said Marco De Marchi, Borini agent, the Firenza Viola.

Fabio happy at Liverpool, because they are one of the famous clubs in the world. He chose Liverpool in the summer and he is happy with the adventure in England.

Fiorentina are currently targeting young players with a bright future, and if they are really interested, so we are grateful to them.

But Fabio just focus on finding his fitness back after injury and think only of Liverpool.

Fabio was only 21 years old, and he’s already changed five clubs, Liverpool contract he himself still until 2017,” said the agent.