Berita Bola Debreceni Admitted Setting Score Vs Liverpool

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 Debreceni Mengakui Pengaturan Skor vs Liverpool  Berita Bola Debreceni admitted setting Score vs Liverpool

 Debrecen, zulfan The team from Hungary Debreceni acknowledged that the 2009 Champions League match against Liverpool is one of the games that are being investigated UEFA, after their goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic informed before the game.

Debreceni also revealed that Poleksic asked by UEFA regarding the two international matches, where the information was confirmed by the club that the two teams are Liverpool and Fiorentina.

Two of those games are away games against Liverpool and a home match against Fiorentina, a statement from the club.

“To expedite the UEFA Disciplinary Committee investigation, no more bribes, fraud, or fixing the other Debreceni game.

Poleksic then got a two-year suspension since last June, after UEFA punished for not reporting this incident, especially in the game vs Fiorentina. Poleksic had appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but that effort failed.

Parties Liverpool and the Football Association (FA) itself does not know and is not involved about fixing this throughout the game. Liverpool won the game itself with the score 1-0, thanks to goals from Dirk Kuyt to grab the ball Poleksic vomit.