Berita Bola Daniel Agger Reject Lump Sum From Brondby

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  Berita Bola Daniel Agger Reject Lump Sum from Brondby

Aware of his former club had incurred financial problems, Daniel Agger take reasonable steps praised and emulated fellow colleagues.

Liverpool defender should receive payment in the form of compensation and pension benefits during the holidays strengthen Brondby before moving to Anfield in 2006. In September last year, the club was required to replace the entire Denmark no longer benefits they paid to the players and former players since 2004. Conscious of being beaten Brondby financial crisis, Agger offers goodwill.

“I never claimed a penny from Brondby,” he told Extra Bladet.

Brondby is in trouble and need help. I want to help. I hope others also pushed his hand.

Club Brondby are important, not only in football, but also for many people in the local community. They large organizations with large networks as well. Could be evidenced by the number of spectators at matches. They are very meaningful to the people of Denmark.

Agger understand if the players or former Brondby player needs the money, but the 28 year is knocking on the door of their hearts to give relief collectively.

They are all entitled to that money. But, I hope many more players reviewing their decision to claim them.‘s Not good for everyone if Brondby no longer inhabit the Danish top division league,” he concluded.