Berita Bola A Short History Of Liverpool F.C.

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  Berita Bola A short history of liverpool f.c.

Founded: 1892

Address: Anfield Road, Liverpool L4 0TH England

Phone: 0151.26.32.361

Facsimile: 0151.26.08.813

Electronic Mail:


Chairman: Tom Werner

Director: Ian Ayre

Stadium: Anfield
A Brief History
One of the most successful clubs in the United Kingdom. Established in 1892 due to feud with John Holding Everton FC, ​​Liverpool incarnates a serious force in English football competition. Clubs could be named Everton FC and Athletic Grounds, Ltd.., Or Everton Athletic summarized, but the FA refused to admit two teams called Everton. Houlding was eventually chose the name Liverpool FC.

It did not take long for Liverpool to taste the league title. In 1900/01, Liverpool won Division One success and repeat it again five years later. FA Cup Final first performed in 1914, although they defeated Burnley 1-0. Liverpool had struggled to come before Bill Shankly as manager in 1959. Shankly fix a massive team and using a room called The Boot Room for a meeting coaches.

Liverpool’s triumph continued with Shankly Bob Paisley, among others, successfully brought the Reds drew first European trophy. In 1972/73, Liverpool won the UEFA Cup and Champions Cup following the next four years. Liverpool’s golden period began. Unfortunately, it’s a little golden record tarnished by incidents Heysel and Hillsborough in the 1980s. Both of these terrible incidents claimed the lives of soccer spectators and is still remembered to this day. The last time Liverpool won the league the season of 1989/90 and it was too long to wait to taste their first success in the Premier League era. The arrival of new coach Brendan Rodgers  is expected to repeat the glorious achievements.